Research Summary

HumaTerra's Soil Enhancer (HSE) and Soil Conditioner (HSC) have been tested over a period of 4 years by a small group of volunteer growers. The method used to collect data was mainly through head to head testing. This means when farmers bought HSE they were asked to apply it to their whole field. Then in half of the field (80 acres), the farmer's applied their regular fertilizers while the second half they reduced their fertilizer input. In addition to the head to head testing, we also collected testimonies from the farmers.
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Result Highlights


2016 Proof of Concept

  • The flax roots in the applied soils are 15% longer and stronger than the ones in the control soils.
  • The flax stem's in the applied soils have a significantly larger diameter than those in the control soils. ​
  • Yield in the applied soils (no Nitrogen) is 29% higher than the control soils (50lb Nitrogen). ​
  • On larger parcels, when the MSE (Microbial Soil Enhancer) was applied as an addition at 90lb/acre to the conventional treatment, yield increases were measured for canola (+18%), oat (+8%) and mixed crops (+6%).

2017 Proof of Concept at Field Scale

  • Demonstration that beyond the positive effect on the soil, increased yields and profits are recorded
  • The results with the SK produced HSEs (HumaTerra Soil Enhancers) confirm results achieved in 2016
  • Even with a relatively short maturation of the composts, satisfactory results can be achieved. Better controlled maturation and progress in ingredients selection will only foster better HSE performance
  • The fungal HSEs did not work for Canola
  • The HSEs did perform better than a similar product sourced in the US (Compell)

2018 Canola Test Field Scale

  • Demonstration of increased yields in canola with specific more bacterial IMSECs (Indigenous Microbial Soil Enhancer Control)
  • The cost per acre ($23) of the HSE (HumaTerra Soil Enhancer) treatment is largely paid off by the yield increase. 6 bushels/acre here at $12 in 2018 is $72, which gives a margin increase of CAN$50/acre.

2019 Head-Head Trial Results

More positive results with in-furrow treatment

Better results after 2 years of consecutive treatment

Row crops seem to show more positive results than canola. However, the canola still shows a yield increase.

​Testimonials from farmers:
MF: fewer weeds, better quality, better economics
RP: did not harvest separately but better yield with HSECrop1
CP: better results after 2 years, noticeable changes in soil compaction

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