Not the same old soil sampling….

When destructive droughts take hold like it has this year in Western Canada farmers must manage and make tremendously difficult in season choices to prop up revenue streams and limit expenses hoping to paddle at or above the financial waterline. 

We’re in 2021, let’s start talking “bio”

As the founder of HumaTerra, I want to extend you my warm wishes for 2021. The new year wishes are mostly about wishing your family and friends health and prosperity for the coming year. I wish a healthy life to you, your family, and your soils. The correlation of your soil’s health and human health are more closely related than many would believe. This is an extensive topic which I will expand on in greater detail in future posts. As we enter 2021, I would like to open my first post of the year talking about “bio.”

Manage Clubroot Infestation with Microbial Enhanced Farming

Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease that affects crops like canola, mustard and camelina. Clubroot causes swells to form on the root of the plant which reduces the plants’ ability to access sufficient want and nutrients, ultimately causing early death of the plant and limiting yield potential. Clubroot is an aggressive pathogen with a half-life of two to four years …

The Value of Humic Substances

Humic substances or humates are organic substances that are important components of the soil. Their popularity among farmers has grown in the past few years. Humic acids are fully decomposed remains of ancient plants and animals.